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Soda StatusBar4(4.7&5.5) - 1.0

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[收费版本:7元] 苏打第四款原创状态栏。

Soda StatusBar4 by Soda.


此状态栏包为4.7&5.5尺寸的设备使用,可使用 iThemer、SnowBoard 插件加载



加载方法:进入主题插件之后找到 Soda‘s Themes 分组勾选Soda StatusBar4 注销即可





This status bar package is used for 4.7 & 5.5-size devices, which can be loaded with ithemer and snowboard plug-ins

Include: WiFi, signal, alarm clock, flight, lock, do not disturb, VPN, location, headset, Bluetooth, 4G


Loading method: after entering the theme plug-in, find the soda 's themes group and check soda statusbar4 to respring


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