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Faint UI -For iOS14(系统UI iOS14附加包) - 1.03

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This is a additional package specially made for iOS 14!

Fant UI and Faint UI -For iOS14 are bundled. As long as you buy any of them, you can own and download them at the same time.

And if you are on iOS14,you need to move this package to the top in snowboard.

Download Faint UI :


购买过 Faint UI 的你可以直接安装此附加包

如果你是 iOS14 以上的用户,你需要在滑雪板里面将此附加包分组移动至顶部


国内的朋友购买请添加QQ/VX:727641715 (国内的paypal付款不了)

This package included / 此包包含:

-AVKit / 视频播放器UI

-MediaPlayer / 音乐播放器

-Twitter theme / 推特主题

-other for iOS 14 / 其他 iOS 14 的素材

How to use / 使用方法:

System UI / 系统UI:

Use SnowBoard  +  SnowBoard UI Extension from

主题使用:SnowBoard  跟  SnowBoard UI Extension  插件加载,作者源

Twitter theme / 推特主题:

Need tweak:TwitterThemeSupport from

需要安装插件 TwitterThemeSupport,作者源

Special Thanks:Alo,MTAC,Spark,Miro



-Add full AVKit / 新增了完整的视频播放器UI

-And some news / 还有一些新的UI


-Add Twitter theme / 新增了推特主题


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